I list here in chronological order some of the projects I started. Most of them are in very early stages due to time constraints and the fact that I especially enjoy exploring technologies that are new to me.

Medley - Netflix Search

For "Hack the North" (2014) I started building a website with my friends that allows for convenient searching through Netflix movies. In particular, you often want to consult imdb or rotten tomatoes when selecting movies on top of basic categorical searches, and our website will do exactly that and more. Check it out here. (One complication is that netflix has no public api any more so we cannot easily update the list of titles they offer. We have ideas, though.) php

A script to extract information from weekly seminar updates (2013)

I wrote a google script that takes my school's not-so-well-formatted weekly talk & seminar updates, extracts and pushes all information into a google calendar for my (and anyone else's) viewing pleasure. At that point it is rather simple copying the events that I am interested in into my personal calendar. google scripts, javascript

A visual organizer of cars sold on kijiji (2013)

I prototyped a website that helps you visually organize items from kijiji. The particular implementation is specific to car ads, as that was my personal motivation at the time; Scheduling meetings all over town with vehicle owners, without being aware of the locational distribution of these cars, proved to be surprisingly inefficient. In the current implementation we can give the program a link to a kijiji car ad and it will be saved onto a map, along with a summary of information about the car. php, (my)sql, ajax, html+css

SpidySense website (2013)

A website for my spiderweb-relocation service, SpidySense. Not to be taken too seriously :) html+css, 3 lines of javascript

Automatically animate a 3D mesh based on motion capture files (2013)

For a computer graphics course, I wrote a program that would take motion capture animation files of humans doing flips, dancing, etc., match the skeleton up to the 3D mesh of a human automatically (placing the skeleton inside the body was done by hand), and bring the originally static model to life. Link. C++, OpenGL

Android Game Dev Experimentation (2012)

I was curious how to make apps for Android. In particular I was interested in writing games; after some research I decided to work with AndEngine. While messing around, I transcribed some of my findings into a rather disorganized blog. Java, Android SDK, AndEngine, Box2D

Writing utility programs for Mathematics research (2012)

I spent some months during the summer writing tools for a researcher in mathematics. The tools were mostly doing exhaustive searches in certain spaces, with sets of provable hueristics, which were also partially automatically computed. I invested a large amount of time into cleaning, commenting, and modularizing over 10000 lines of spaghetti code inherited from the previous intern. Java, JUnit, Multithreading, GUI programming

Machine Learning Projects (2011)

In my Machine Learning course my SVM based classifier ranked 3rd in a class competition at identifying hand written characters.
With a group of students we also investigated the possibility of using machine learning algorithms for daily stock price movement predictions. Matlab, Machine Learning, SVM

Ai player for Quoridor (2010?)

I was implementing a computer player for the board game of Quoridor. The agent uses the popular reinforcement learning algorithm UCT. The initial part of the work was joint with Jesse Tucker. Java, UCT

Algorithms for Sokoban (2009)

For a research project I was implementing various algorithms hoping they will reduce the search space involved in solving Sokoban puzzles. I displayed this extra information as an overlay on a Sokoban game implementation, and found a counterexample to the proposed methods. Java, Algorithms

Biology-class-inspired optimization algorithm (High School)

After learning about evolution in biology class, I was inspired to write a program where creatures learnt an approximate shortest path to a mating area. The creatures who got there faster could mate for longer and thus pass on their mutated DNA, which was an encoding of the path they took, more dominantly. As a result, through natural selection, the creatures found an approximate shortest path to the mating area, and could even adapt to changes in its location. Game Maker Language, Archaic Genetic Algorithm

N2G: New Generation Games (Junior and Senior High School)

With some friends from Hungary we formed the game dev team N2G: New Generation Games, and worked on a collection of games. One of our games won an award in a Hungarian National Computer Contest for Ages Under 19, and also became a staff pick on the (at the time up-and-coming) YoYoGames website. For an exhaustive list of projects with images and short descriptions, see this page, left under construction. Game Maker

The Beginnings (Elementary School)

I started learning Pascal and Comenius Logo at this age.