David Szepesvari

I currently work at Google DeepMind as a Research Engineer.

I completed my Masters in the Computational Statistics group at the University of Waterloo in 2015, under the supervision of Shai Ben-David, also working closely with my father. My thesis, titled "A Statistical Analysis of the Aggregation of Crowdsourced Labels", is accessible here.

My undergraduate education was in Honors Mathematics with a Computing Science minor, which I received 2009-2013 from the University of Alberta, graduating with Lieutenant-Governor's Gold Medal.

I developed an interest for a wide range of subjects at an early age, however computer science and mathematics stood out as they presented with endless opportunities deeply set in rigour and requiring only a bare minimum of tools. Please see the projects page for some of the things I've tried my hands at.

In my spare time I sometimes solve programming problems, here are links to my feeble TopCoder and UVa uHunt pages. My GitHub account does not have much content at the moment, however.

Special thanks Neeraj Kumar for sharing the template of his website.